The Benefits of Custom WordPress Website Design

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Should you use a template? Or rather, take the time to invest in a custom wordpress website design created specifically for you? This can be one of the most important decisions to make when launching a new website for a business. Premium wordpress templates available on websites such as Themeforest are great for a quick and low cost setup for the tech savvy business owner. They look great, have plenty of layout options and are designed to sell…that is, they are designed to sell to you, the business owner looking for a template for your website. They are not specifically designed to be able to optimally convert website traffic that lands on your brand new website. This is where custom designed wordpress websites become a much smarter investment.

ZipSites specialise in custom wordpress websites that are designed to convert your web traffic into buying customers. We know that this promise of lead conversion is thrown around a lot. The problem is that many website design companies know how to make a nice looking website, but fail to actually understand how to optimise for the sales conversion process.

While Zipsites delivers beautifully designed websites, we know that it is this conversion process that is at the core of an effective website. ZipSites focuses on building effective and optimal websites that convert traffic into leads by using the AIDA sales funnel concept. By using this concept, website traffic is carried through the awareness stage, into the interest stage, down the desire stage and finally into the action stage. Each website is also designed to work in conjunction with strategic marketing activities to capture website traffic at different stages of the AIDA funnel. The ability to maximise conversions is just one major benefit of choosing a custom wordpress website design.

Another benefit, is the ability for your website to start small and then to grow and evolve as your business does. A custom wordpress design allows the team at ZipSites to incorporate future business plans into the website design to make things easier in the long run. This can include additional services, pages, layouts and even functionality that may be required in order to scale up in the future. Alternatively, most templates are designed for the here and now (to sell copies of the template), rather than to facilitate future growth of the business website.

Lastly, and importantly for many business owners, is that the admin panel functionality can be designed and developed to make it as simple as possible for the website owner to manage themselves. For many, this ease of use is an absolutely essential part of being able to maintain business operations in the long-term. Content updates and changes to the site can be easily managed internally reducing the ongoing costs for website maintenance. A custom design doesn’t only mean the front end of the site is designed to make money for the business, but also saves the business money in the long run.

So when it comes to deciding between a premium wordpress template or a custom wordpress website design, for the majority of people, the best decision in a custom design. While a template can be a quick and easy option for some, generally speaking, a custom design that focuses on attracting web traffic and optimising the conversion process will return a higher profit and becomes a smarter long-term investment.

This is where we come in. With hundreds of custom build websites of experience over the years, the proof is in the pudding. ZipSites are a Gold Coast based digital agency that specialise in wordpress design services for small to medium sized businesses locally and Australia Wide. Our focus is on helping your business succeed.

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